Journal of Social Sciences

Girl-Pupil School Dropouts in Secondary Education in Masvingo District, Zimbabwe: Influencing Factors and Effects

Tafadzwa Clementine Maramura and David Mago

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2017.78.88

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 1

Pages 78-88


Literacy levels in Zimbabwe are at an average of ninety two percent, which is amongst the highest in Africa. Despite significant levels of transformation in the education system,  which has seen skyrocketing  literacy rates, secondary education still lacks transformation of other structures that have a direct impact on the rate of girl child secondary school dropouts. Through purposive sampling and snowballing sampling technique, a qualitative descriptive study was conducted in the geographical location of Masvingo district in Zimbabwe. The study revealed that secondary education empowers the girl child and contributes to socio-development process and poverty alleviation. In view of these findings, the study concluded that education is a human right and everyone has the right to acquire education regardless of their gender. The study recommended that Non-Governmental Organisations and government should implement tailor-made programmes that adequately tackle the rate of girl child secondary school dropouts in Masvingo district.


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