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Test of a Data Basis Oriented Object after Phase of Conception

Soumia Layachi and M. T. Laskri


The concepts of the approach object introduce cause a lot of interest and make a large topic of survey of it. These concepts applied to the data base are going to allow us to master the complexity of the data base and facilitate us their reuse. If one considers the conception of a data basis oriented object a lot of methods of conception make the object of survey; for the stage of test no strategy of test has been proposed however, except some works that propose specific tests in the used domains and it is especially applied at the time of the phase of validation of the data basis. In this study a strategy of test of the applications oriented object is adapted to the data base oriented object.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 2 No. 11, 2005, 1516-1519


Submitted On: 13 November 2005 Published On: 30 November 2005

How to Cite: Layachi, S. & Laskri, M. T. (2005). Test of a Data Basis Oriented Object after Phase of Conception. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2(11), 1516-1519.

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