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RAM 1.0 Software for Gaussian-Plume Multiple Source Air Quality Simulation

Liren Yu1 and Paulo I.F. de Almeida1
  • 1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Sao Carlos, United States


This study presents a developed software in environmental engineering, namely RAM 1.0 (RAM: Regulatory Air Model), adopted completely Graphical User Interface (GUI) technique, for operating in various Windows-based microcomputers. RAM 1.0 software consists of the improved RAM Model and RAM Algorithm as well as developed RAM 1.0 Graphical User Interface, respectively. RAM Model takes into account different ambient characteristics, meteorological conditions, receptor information and point/area source emission parameters. RAM 1.0 Interface has strong ability of post-processing for graphically illustrate calculated results. By using RAM 1.0 Software, it is able to simulate atmospheric pollutant dispersion, caused by the emissions of up-to 250 point sources and/or 100 area sources in level or gently rolling terrain for a period from one hour to one year. Both urban and rural zones can be calculated. The user-specified receptor grid may contain up-to 9000 nodal points, through which model-calculated concentration fields can be expressed by various refined two- and three-dimensional graphics, which greatly help the user to quickly analyze the regional air quality.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 2 No. 2, 2005, 533-538


Submitted On: 7 July 2005 Published On: 28 February 2005

How to Cite: Yu, L. & de Almeida, P. I. (2005). RAM 1.0 Software for Gaussian-Plume Multiple Source Air Quality Simulation. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2(2), 533-538.

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  • Regulatory air model
  • Regional air quality
  • Graphical user interface technique