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Production of Light Weight Ceramics Teils from Local Materials

Ghazi Al-Marahleh


This study covers the feasibility of production lightweight ceramics teils (light weight clay bricks) by adding local various types of combustible materials to the clay. It was found those substantial quantities of bagasse, sawdust, rice husks and straw are suitable for the production of lightweight bricks and distributed combustible materials finely was mixed with clay and molded into bricks. During firing in the kiln the combustible materials burnt out and leave air spaces, which contribute, to the high thermal insulation value of the bricks. It was possible to produce bricks with densities between 800 and 900 Kg m3 and thermal conductivity between 0.19 and 0.22 Kcal mh1

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 2 No. 4, 2005, 778-783


Submitted On: 30 April 2006 Published On: 30 April 2005

How to Cite: Al-Marahleh, G. (2005). Production of Light Weight Ceramics Teils from Local Materials. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2(4), 778-783.

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  • Rice husk
  • light weight ceramics
  • sawdust
  • straw
  • Thermal conductivity