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Crystallisation and Melting Behavior of Methyl Esters of Palm Oil

Cheng Sit Foon, Yung Chee Liang, Noor Lida Habi Mat Dian, Choo Yuen May, Chuah Cheng Hock and Ma Ah Ngan


The methyl esters of palm oil, which consists of saturated and unsaturated esters (0.6 to 95.9% unsaturation) of the C12 to C18 fatty acids, solidify at the two temperature ranges, -52 to -45°C and -24 to 21°C, when the esters are cooled. When the esters are heated, they melt at two distinct temperatures, -25 and -33°C and a broad peak at -9 to 28°C. The heating thermograms also showed an exothermic crystallisation peak in between two endothermic melting peaks, indicating the occurrence of re-crystallisation of low melting methyl esters into higher melting point crystal and then melt again at higher temperature.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 3 No. 5, 2006, 1859-1863


Submitted On: 11 January 2006 Published On: 31 May 2006

How to Cite: Foon, C. S., Liang, Y. C., Dian, N. L. H. M., May, C. Y., Hock, C. C. & Ngan, M. A. (2006). Crystallisation and Melting Behavior of Methyl Esters of Palm Oil. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 3(5), 1859-1863.

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  • Differential scanning calorimetry
  • palm oil methyl esters