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Modeling and Simulation of Projects with Petri Nets

S. Kumanan and K. Raja


Traditional project management tools and other revised tools are limited in representation of the problem and in dealing situation dynamically. This paper details the use of Petri nets as a graphical and mathematical modeling and simulation tool in project management. In this context, the benefits of Petri nets are indicated. A Petri net aided software, a PETRI-PM is developed to model, simulate and analyze the project. Extensions to make Petri nets suitable for project management applications are proposed. The use of a PPC-matrix for token movements is proposed. The paper also discusses the implications of the model and the analysis it supports. The usefulness of the software is exemplified with a case study.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 5 No. 12, 2008, 1742-1749


Submitted On: 21 February 2008 Published On: 31 December 2008

How to Cite: Kumanan, S. & Raja, K. (2008). Modeling and Simulation of Projects with Petri Nets. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 5(12), 1742-1749.

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  • Project management
  • petri nets
  • simulation
  • reachability
  • invariant analysis