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Comparative Study of Changing Drainage Basin System with Tectonic Forms, Case Study: Lut Block, Iran

Ebrahim Moghimi


The study area locates in the east of Iran and it is morphologic block (unit). Problem statement: Sharp contrasts in the appearances of landscapes such as drainage basins with litology (kind of rock), tectonic regime, folding and climatic effect had been inspired geomorphologies in the past and now to devise schemes to explain those contrasts. These contrasts also remained and needed to research on it locally. This problem had been explained about landscape of Lut drainage basins. So, the main problem (question) is that what entity does (nature) Lut drainage basins had in comparison with tectonic lines. The Lut geomorphologic landscape is a remarkable laboratory for the examination of early and secondly geomorphic landscape, especially drainage pattern and morpho-tectonic. Approach: Due to being the arid climatic conditions of this region now, drainage development was very little. So, there was not much information about changing drainage basin in comparison with tectonic lines. Achieving to this porous in addition to some local evidence, was using 1956 aerial photograph and TM 1998 and 2002 satellite images as well as photography and geology maps, as well as indexes of drainage density, basin area, stream length, regulation circle and river gradient, were using for drainage basins and for tectonic forms using from sinuosity index of rivers and fault and others efforts. Results: Results of this study showed that drainage basin in comparison with tectonic forms with the most frequency (inter of basins) had cut the faults and streams could cut the Lut tectonic system. Sinuosity of rivers in the Lut basins is due to morpho-tectonic effect. In the other hand territory of important Lut unit drainage basins was limited to tectonic-lines and has built the bounds of basins. So in order to, tectonic changing was new and more active than drainage network now. Conclusion: Therefore, in geomorphologic view may be refer to Lut unit as a hydro-tectonic unit.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 6 No. 6, 2009, 1270-1276


Submitted On: 17 September 2008 Published On: 30 June 2009

How to Cite: Moghimi, E. (2009). Comparative Study of Changing Drainage Basin System with Tectonic Forms, Case Study: Lut Block, Iran . American Journal of Applied Sciences, 6(6), 1270-1276.

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