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Preparation of WO3 Nanoparticles Using Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide Supermolecular Template

Nilofar Asim, S. Radiman and M. Ambar bin Yarmo


Problem statement: WO3 is one of the most interested metal oxides because of its application as catalysts, sensors, electrochromic devices, ceramic, solar cell, pigments and so on. More investigation is needed to find the good and low cost method for preparation of WO3 nanoparticles with uniform morphology and narrow distribution using a surfactant mediated method. Approach: In this study, the synthesis of WO3 nanoparticles was accomplished using a cationic surfactant (cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide) as the organic supermolecular template and WCl6 and NH4OH as the inorganic precursor and counter ion source, respectively. The effects of reaction temperature and surfactant concentration in particle size of resultant WO3 nanoparticles were investigated. Results: The different ranges of particle size and size distribution were obtained using different surfactant concentration and reaction temperature. The WO3 particles in the nanometer range (3-15 nm) with uniform morphology and narrow distribution were obtained by optimization of reaction condition. X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, variable pressure scanning electron microscope, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and UV-Vis spectroscopy were used to characterize the final products. The nanomaterials WO3 showed different pattern in UV-Vis spectroscopy compare to the bulk WO3. Conclusion: A relatively simple and effective procedure for synthesis of WO3 nanoparticles with mean size below 10 nm, narrow size distribution and high monodispersity using CTAB supramolecular template had been developed and optimized.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 6 No. 7, 2009, 1424-1428


Submitted On: 4 September 2008 Published On: 31 July 2009

How to Cite: Asim, N., Radiman, S. & Yarmo, M. A. B. (2009). Preparation of WO3 Nanoparticles Using Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide Supermolecular Template . American Journal of Applied Sciences, 6(7), 1424-1428.

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  • Nanostructures
  • WO3
  • chemical synthesis
  • optical properties