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Computer Model For Sieves' Vibrations Analysis, Using an Algorithm Based on the False-Position Method

Dinu I. Stoicovici, Miorita Ungureanu, Nicu Ungureanu and Mihai Banica


The analysis of the sieves vibrations in the case of screening civil engineering construction bulk materials is usual made by using some differential equations depending on parameters related to different material and sieves characteristics. One of those parameters is the throwing coefficient -c- that is the ratio between the force capable to throw up the particle from the sieve surface, and the gravity of this particle. The throwing coefficient is one of the most important characteristics of a sieve dynamic behavior and its values are often used to establish a particular case to the sieve oscillations. In order to find the position of a particle that jump on the screen surface, a system of 6 differential equations with 6 unknown integrating constants can be established. All the involved equations are in transcendent form and it is necessary to solve the system by computer algorithms. First of all, the 6 unknown integrating constants are replaced with related linear relations depending on the throwing coefficient. Secondly, an original computer algorithm based on the so-called false-position method is proposed. In order to validate it, the new system of 6 differential equations depending on the throwing coefficient is solved for some particular cases of the particle jumps. Finally, the solutions are compared for the same conditions of the initial used system. The conclusion is that in the case of the construction bulk materials, the two systems give almost similar solutions. In this case, the new system depending on the throwing coefficient is much easier to work with that the initial system. Another advantage is that in the very first steps one can choose the throwing coefficient and establish the best vibrating regime.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 6 No. 1, 2009, 48-56


Submitted On: 20 March 2008 Published On: 31 January 2009

How to Cite: Stoicovici, D. I., Ungureanu, M., Ungureanu, N. & Banica, M. (2009). Computer Model For Sieves' Vibrations Analysis, Using an Algorithm Based on the False-Position Method . American Journal of Applied Sciences, 6(1), 48-56.

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  • Bulk construction material
  • sieves
  • throwing coefficient
  • false-position method