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Modeling the Effect of P-N Junction Depth on the Output of Planer and Rectangular Textured Solar Cells

F. Jahanshah, K. Sopian, S. H. Zaidi, M. Y. Othman, N. Amin and N. Asim


Problem statement: High cost of the solar cells is one of the important limitations in extensively using of the photovoltaic panels. Thin monocrystalline silicon solar cell could be reduce the cost but lost the absorption efficiency. Surface texturing help to enhance absorption. Using of advance texturing by diffraction grating was suggested for high absorption. It is necessary to investigate the scattering effect of diffraction grating with other solar cell parameter for optimization. In first step we concentrate on p-n junction position impact by modeling. Approach: The effect of position of p-n junction on the output current for both micro rectangular texturing and planer surface in solar cell has been investigated by ray tracing. Modeling of nine pairs solar cells with the same texture and planer surfaces but with different p-n junction position are done by using Atlas software. The output short current is a criterion for determining of efficiency performance. By comparing of the short current for each pair we was find the impacts of texturing and p-n junction depth on the monocrystalline thin film. Results: Light scattering due to diffraction grating inside the silicon with rectangular depth of 5 µm and a range of 5-40 µm p-n junction depths are investigated. The difference of short current in textured to bare silicon showed the enhancement from 4-8 µA when the p-n junction depths vary from 5-45 µm. Conclusions: Comparison of short current output confirms the correlation between p-n junction depth and texturing. Advanced texturing improve the solar cell efficiency but the effectiveness change with the p-n junction depth and need a simultaneous optimization for getting the high efficiency solar cell.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 6 No. 4, 2009, 667-671


Submitted On: 2 September 2008 Published On: 30 April 2009

How to Cite: Jahanshah, F., Sopian, K., Zaidi, S. H., Othman, M. Y., Amin, N. & Asim, N. (2009). Modeling the Effect of P-N Junction Depth on the Output of Planer and Rectangular Textured Solar Cells . American Journal of Applied Sciences, 6(4), 667-671.

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  • texturing
  • thin solar cell
  • efficiency
  • depth of p-n junction
  • current variation