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Dielectric Properties of Ni0.2Zn0.8Fe2O4-Polypropylene Composites

Tan Foo Khoon1, Jumiah Hassan2, Nurhidayaty Mokhtar1, Mansor Hashim1, Nor Azowa Ibrahim3, Wong Swee Yin1, Leow Chun Yan1 and Wong Yick Jeng1
  • 1 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  • 2 Advance Materials and Nanotechnology Laboratory, Institute of Advanced Material Technology, University Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
  • 3 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


Problem statement: In the last decade, the studies and investigation on polymer-based composites have drawn significant attention owing to improvement in their mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical and pharmaceutical properties as compared with pure polymer. Approach: Different compositions of Ni0.2Zn0.8Fe2O4 (NZF) and Polypropylene (PP) can alter the useful properties of polymer-based composites. Hence, the determination toward significant percentage of NZF added into PP can improve the dielectric properties of the composites. NZF was prepared using conventional solid-state method and composites of isotactic PP filled with NZF were fabricated. The dielectric properties of the composite were investigated using Agilent 4284A Precision LCR meter. Results: The results indicated that with increasing ratio of wt% NZF, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the composite increases. The composition of 30 wt% NZF gave the highest value of the dielectric constant in the frequency range of 100 Hz-10 kHz at room temperature. Conclusion: The incorporation of ceramic filler improved the dielectric constant and increase the dielectric loss of the composite correspondingly increases its potential use as an absorbing material for electromagnetic waves.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 7 No. 9, 2010, 1226-1230


Submitted On: 28 June 2010 Published On: 30 September 2010

How to Cite: Khoon, T. F., Hassan, J., Mokhtar, N., Hashim, M., Ibrahim, N. A., Yin, W. S., Yan, L. C. & Jeng, W. Y. (2010). Dielectric Properties of Ni0.2Zn0.8Fe2O4-Polypropylene Composites. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(9), 1226-1230.

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  • Dielectric properties
  • composites
  • filled polymer
  • nickel-zinc ferrite
  • polypropylene