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Antibacterial Activity of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Callistemon citrinus and Albizia lebbeck

Seyyed Mansour Seyydnejad, Masumeh Niknejad, Ismaieel Darabpoor and Hossein Motamedi


Problem statement: Callistemon citrinus and Albizia lebbeck are two kind of native plants in Khoozestan province in Iran, according to the agreement that medicinal plant could be replaced the medicine we are trying to determine the antibacterial effect of the named plants. Approach: The antibacterial properties of ethanolic and methanolic extract of Callistemon citrinus leaf and Albizia lebbeck leaf was studied against different pathogenic bacteria including Streptococcus pyogenes, Bacillus cereus, Bacillus anthracis, Salmonella typhi, Kelebsiella pneumoniae, Streptococcus epidermidis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Listeria monocytogenes by disc diffusion method. The samples collected from young trees from Ahvaz city at may 2009. Results: The extract of C. citrinus showed significant activity against the majority of bacteria which is comparable with standard antibiotics. Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) for hydroalcoholic extract of Callistemon have been determined also for four bacteria; S. pyogenesis, S. typhy, B. anthrasis, S. typhy, Albizia lebbeck extract despite previous reports didn't have any significant effect. Conclusion: According to the good effects of Callistemon citrinus on Bacillus species it has antiseptic effects and could be used as a therapeutic agent and therefore, it appears to be a potent antimicrobial agents that could be considered as a medicinal plant.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 7 No. 1, 2010, 13-16


Submitted On: 29 November 2009 Published On: 31 January 2010

How to Cite: Seyydnejad, S. M., Niknejad, M., Darabpoor, I. & Motamedi, H. (2010). Antibacterial Activity of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Callistemon citrinus and Albizia lebbeck. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(1), 13-16.

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  • Callistemon citrinus
  • Albizia lebbeck
  • antibacterial
  • MIC
  • MBC