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Application of Trujillo Algorithm for Analyzing of Structures

H. Hashamdar and Z. Ibrahim


Problem statement: The Trujillo algorithm is indirect method and has been used in this study. The approach is based upon the principle of conservation of energy. Approach: Cable structures are very light and flexible and they undergo appreciable deflections when subjected to external loading. Results: Since all the main load-carrying members in cable structures are usually in tension, there are no stability problems and the strength of high tensile steel used for cables can be rationally utilized. Conclusion/Recommendations: In order to define the position of equilibrium the method of analysis should, therefore, cater for the change in geometry caused by any form of applied load. Hence the classical linear theories of structural mechanisms cannot be used for the solution of cable assemblies.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 7 No. 3, 2010, 408-414


Published On: 31 March 2010

How to Cite: Hashamdar, H. & Ibrahim, Z. (2010). Application of Trujillo Algorithm for Analyzing of Structures. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(3), 408-414.

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  • Nonlinear dynamic response optimization
  • structural, optimization
  • nonlinear dynamic analysis