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Optical Properties of the SiO2-Na2O-CaO-Nd2O3 Glasses

P. Chimalawong, J. Kaewkhao, T. Kittiauchawal, C. Kedkaew and P. Limsuwan


Problem statement: This study researched on different physical and optical properties of Nd3+ doped soda-lime-silicate glass. The glasses containing Nd3+ in (65-x) SiO2: 25Na2O: 10CaO: xNd2O3 (where x = 0.0-5.0 mol%) had been prepared by melt-quenching method. The density and molar volume increase with increasing of Nd2O3 concentration due to increasing of Non Bridging Oxygens (NBOs) in glass matrix. Approach: The optical spectra were measured and evaluated their optical band gap and found to decrease with increasing of Nd2O3 concentration. Results: Moreover, these results showed that the refractive index of glass does not only depend on the density but also depend on the electronic polarizability of the glass. Conclusion: The values of polarizability of oxide ions, theoretical optical basicity were also determined.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 7 No. 4, 2010, 584-589


Submitted On: 24 March 2010 Published On: 30 April 2010

How to Cite: Chimalawong, P., Kaewkhao, J., Kittiauchawal, T., Kedkaew, C. & Limsuwan, P. (2010). Optical Properties of the SiO2-Na2O-CaO-Nd2O3 Glasses. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(4), 584-589.

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  • Nd2O3
  • optical band gap
  • optical properties
  • NBOs