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Zero Geometry, Zero Space Time, The Seeds of The Final Theory

  • 1 Department of Medicine, University of California, Irvine, California, United States


Problem statement: Lack of understanding And scientific formulation of zero geometry and zero space-time and the truth about initiation conditions would continue to keep us all in dark and we would continue to create more theories defining our observations about the known universe which could Indeed be part of our illusionary perception of reality And as long as they continue to align themselves with our observations we will continue to obey and propagate them. Approach: Second law of thermodynamics which was considered to be the most fundamental law governing The known universe and its behavior and at all levels from micro to macro cosmos was itself subject to such flaws simply because it was nonexistent in zero space-time and it reaches infinity at leap out of zero state bordered by infinity wall (the outermost border of the leap universe) in no time. This law dictates that in the known universe/post big bang universe which was around 13.4 billion light years old the index of instability which inversely correlates with free energy incessantly increases following its inception, though we were in dark regarding the initiation condition of the known universe and relation of initiation condition with entropy and This needs to be understood, dissected and formulated Into the new physics on an urgent basis. Results: Big bang which had been proposed to give rise to the known universe presumably was the product of collision of two p-branes and this collision was expected to be similar in nature to the collision of biological p-branes In which case one p-brane impregnates the other and I have alluded to that in my previous publications; Following collision of cosmic p-branes the free energy of impregnated p-brane increases from zero to infinity in no time and because the cosmic p-branes were the residents of zero geometry and zero space-time in which all the values are zero , i.e., free energy and entropy were paradoxically both zero and because p-brane collision leads to disentanglement and decohe scence of these two values, leap out of zero geometry and space-time happens to re entangle these two values as a result of which leap universe was born the outermost border of which was infinity wall with infinity as the value of entropy however this creates another paradox simply because at that point the free energy was zero and entropy is infinity and again these two universal values find themselves disentangled and decohesced and this time the massive force of repulsion at infinity wall which was what I consider dark energy and was the source of massive negative gravity would create the second phase of the non-zero universe , i.e., post leap universe which one more time was aiming at entanglement, this time infinite entropy shifting to zero value to regain its original value of zero space-time universe, this would take the post leap Universe to zero geometry border but this move would Increase the free energy to infinity and that creates big Bang universe/phase 3 universe the goal of which was entanglement of free energy with zero entropy and this Ping pong reaction between the zero geometry partners in search of entanglement and cohescence in non-zero universe would continue indefinitely and this time expansion of the known universe through corridors of the dark matter creates post big bang universe as a result of which the four major forces of the known universe/regular matter would be born , i.e., would get separated into four different entities and the post big Bang universe would pursue its goal of decreasing the free energy which would reach zero (its original zero Geometry value) at the fire wall/repulsion trigger zone of the infinity wall and another round of repulsion, crunch, big bang and expansion would ensue; the engine of the above sequence of events following collision of the cosmic p-branes was massive increase in free energy in contradistinction to the biouniverse in which fertilization/collision of biological p-branes leads to a massive and sudden decrease in free energy of the fertilized ovum/the biological p-brane, (Afrasiabi, 2010). And thus triggering the big bang of recurrent rounds of mitosis the objective of which was to increase the free energy/decrease the entropy of the future generation cells simply because the living universe was an anti entropy machinery by nature and the known universe was an entropy promoting one. Conclusion/Recommendations: In living universe any event that inadvertently increases the entropy compared with the expected and normal entropy for that stage in life cycle can lead to a catastrophic disease such as cancer and auto- immune disorders if the corrective Mechanisms can not capture or correct the error and in the known/ non-living (post big bang) universe which follows the post leap universe any event that opposes the incessant increase in entropy/decrease in free energy can lead to cataclysmic events such as contraction of space-time/formation of baby black holes or massive and Aberrant outburst of high energy particles . This anti parallelism of the mechanism of formation and evolution of events in the living and non living universes and the opposite role that the second law of thermodynamics is playing in their births and evolution would offer us an exceptional opportunity to find solutions to many of the puzzles and unknowns regarding their path in the past and future and finding solutions to their aberrancies from cure of cancer as i alluded to in my previous publication all the way to time travel and migration out of milky galaxy .

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 8 No. 11, 2011, 1228-1231


Submitted On: 13 September 2011 Published On: 10 October 2011

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  • Black hole
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  • zero geometry
  • zero space-time
  • planck wall
  • dark energy
  • dark matter
  • big bang
  • negative gravity
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