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Study of Performance Analysis in Wired and Wireless Network

V.B. Kirubanand1 and S. Palaniammal1
  • 1 Department of MCA, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, 641008, United States


Problem statement: The main intent of this study is to derive a high performance clientserver network using hub, switch, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and Wimax using the steadfast algorithms. Approach: This study mainly focuses on M/M (a,b)/1 markovian model with adaboost algorithm and user selection algorithms to find performance on wired and wireless technologies in terms of service rate, arrival rate, Expected waiting time and Busy period. When comparing the wireless technologies with wired technologies in term of inter-arrival and inter-service time it has been found that the wireless technologies are better. Adaboost algorithm in between client-server is to deliver the data packets to the destination without any loss and also to boost the data packets to the destination when there occurs congestion in network. The main intention of user selection algorithm is to select the appropriate user one who have highest priority in the queue. If more than one user has the highest priority then a user is selected at random from among them with uniform probability. It also have been found that, in wireless technologies the data transaction in between client-server using Wimax technology is very efficient in M/M (a,b)/1 for implementation with adaboost and user selection algorithm in terms of arrival rate, service rate, Expected waiting time and Busy period implementation. Results: The values obtained from the bluetooth technology can use for calculating the performance of other wireless technologies. Conclusion/Recommendation: In order to provide security for the data packets which flows inside the network, we use RSA algorithm which gives elevated security measures.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 8 No. 8, 2011, 826-832


Submitted On: 10 June 2011 Published On: 19 July 2011

How to Cite: Kirubanand, V. & Palaniammal, S. (2011). Study of Performance Analysis in Wired and Wireless Network. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 8(8), 826-832.

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  • Client server
  • switch bluetooth
  • wimax technology
  • bulk service
  • wireless technologies
  • performance analysis
  • bluetooth technology
  • expected waiting
  • selection algorithm
  • steadfast algorithms
  • existing topology