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Design of Arm Based Real Time Personnel Monitoring System Using Wi-Fi Technology

Rekha George1 and Varghese Paul2
  • 1 Department of Electronics and Communication, India
  • 2 Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Engg., Toc H Institute of Technology, India


Nowadays we constantly come across the need to transfer remote data to monitor center which will be far away from the place of data acquisition. Traditional data acquisition system using wires cannot satisfy these requirements due to its heavy cost and impracticability. Embedded devices with network communication which makes it more powerful and easier to monitor and control remote data, is one of the major outcomes of the developments in the field of communication and networking technologies. This study presents the design of a real time personnel monitoring system based on wireless technology. ARM embedded processor and Wi-Fi module are used as hardware platform in this project. Data transfer over the wireless network is based on the TCP/IP protocol which is a part of the Wi-Fi module. Using this designed system an officer can monitor the personnel in the organization by opening a web page from a place that is geographically far. This system is based on the conversion of serial to wireless data which could be transferred over the wireless network to the server and also over the internet. At the completion of the design, the result shows that data is transferred between the ARM processor and the host system using the wireless network.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 10 No. 8, 2013, 931-937


Submitted On: 14 June 2013 Published On: 24 July 2013

How to Cite: George, R. & Paul, V. (2013). Design of Arm Based Real Time Personnel Monitoring System Using Wi-Fi Technology. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 10(8), 931-937.

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  • ARM Processor
  • Ethernet
  • SPI Device
  • RFID
  • GSM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Interface