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Development of an Anthropomorphic Gripping Manipulator: The Study of Kinematics and Virtual Modeling of Grip

Ivan Vladimirovich Krechetov1, Arkady Alekseevich Skvortsov1, Pavel Sergeevich Lavrikov2 and Danil Vladilenovich Yatskin3
  • 1 Office of Scientific Research and Development, Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI), Moscow, Russia
  • 2 RU.Robotics, Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia


The article is a study into the kinematic scheme of a newly developed anthropomorphic manipulator designed to perform gripping and holding tasks on items from a predefined set. Within the study is the implementation of a mathematical model describing the kinematics of a multilink manipulator using the GraspIt package. The method used in this study allows for the calculation of design parameters for manipulator grip functions at an early stage of the creation process as well as to verify the effectiveness of the kinematic scheme of the manipulator on how adequately it can perform its primary functions of griping and holding certain objects, which is vitally important in the design of universal anthropomorphic handling manipulators for special applications, such as bionic prostheses as well as manipulators with arbitrary kinematic schemes. The presented program model provides a preliminary calculation of the motion trajectories of the manipulator unit through the so-called eigengrasp (synonym-synergy, synchronous motion) and can be used as a virtual model for building embedded control systems for robot manipulators. It is shown that in the development of anthropomorphic handling manipulators for operating with small-sized objects it is more efficient to use the monkey scheme, but if the main group of target objects is primarily large items, then it is better to use the human scheme.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 13 No. 1, 2016, 14-27


Submitted On: 8 October 2015 Published On: 8 January 2016

How to Cite: Krechetov, I. V., Skvortsov, A. A., Lavrikov, P. S. & Yatskin, D. V. (2016). Development of an Anthropomorphic Gripping Manipulator: The Study of Kinematics and Virtual Modeling of Grip. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(1), 14-27.

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  • Anthropomorphic Grip
  • Kinematics of the Manipulator
  • Method of Modeling of Robot’s Manipulator
  • Object Grasping
  • GraspIt
  • RUbionic