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Impact of Financial Globalization on Banking Risks

Larisa Yuzvovich1, Elena Knyazeva1, Natalia Mokeeva1, Elena Avramenko1 and Maksim Maramygin2
  • 1 Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • 2 Ural State Economic University, Ekaterinburg, Russia


Financial globalization definitely has an overall effect on globalization in the banking sector. This is reflected in averaging of banking risks for all parties, which occurs due to the impact of the markets, economies, private corporations and monopolies as well as states on each other. As a result, just the opposite priorities in monetary policy may have the same beneficial effect. The aim of the study is to develop conceptual scientific and methodological research areas concerning diversification of banking risks in the context of financial globalization. As part of a comprehensive analysis of the resulting indicators of financial and economic activities of the Russian banking sector, the authors have assessed the key financial performance of the major lending institutions of the Russian banking system in order to identify the dependence of the Russian banking sector on external factors. Financial globalization in general, of course, affects the globalization in the banking sector in particular. This is reflected in averaging banking risks for all parties to the process as a result of the integrative impact of markets, economies, private corporations and monopolies. In this study the authors have presented the mechanism of integrative motion of economic processes with regard to the financial globalization impact on the results of the countries’ monetary policy. Development of market relations and rapid financial globalization lead to permanent transformations of risks that require new approaches and methods of management.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 13 No. 4, 2016, 391-399


Submitted On: 28 December 2015 Published On: 19 April 2016

How to Cite: Yuzvovich, L., Knyazeva, E., Mokeeva, N., Avramenko, E. & Maramygin, M. (2016). Impact of Financial Globalization on Banking Risks. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(4), 391-399.

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  • Financial Globalization
  • Banking Risks
  • Integration