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An Empirical Study on E-Learning versus Traditional Learning among Electronics Engineering Students

Wai Kit Wong1 and Poh Kiat Ng1
  • 1 Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University, Jln Ayer Keroh Lama, 75450 Malacca, Malaysia


In academia, it appears that many lecturers are still contented in using traditional lecturing methods. Cultivating the use of e-learning requires proper understanding of its difference with traditional learning. In this study, the difference between e-learning with traditional learning was descriptively and empirically investigated, with an emphasis on a module in Electronics Engineering known as Fundamentals of Operational Amplifier. This research involved first-year electronics engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University Malaysia. Upon completion of the module, they were asked to participate in a survey and quiz. The data collected were analysed using the normality, reliability and Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA) tests. It was found that e-learners had significantly different results compared to traditional learners. They also exhibited better performance and agreeability in the quiz and survey respectively. In concurrence with the findings of previous researchers, this study suggested that graphical lessons can have a substantial effect on the acceptance of e-learning. The findings of this study can be used to not only improve the course design on Fundamentals of Operational Amplifier but also as a platform to develop greater and more effective learning outcomes in Electronics Engineering and other fields. Generally, although more analyses may be required to verify the existing findings in e-learning, this study can still serve as precursory information regarding the flexibility and effectiveness of e-learning in electronics engineering courses.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 13 No. 6, 2016, 836-844


Submitted On: 13 March 2016 Published On: 27 June 2016

How to Cite: Wong, W. K. & Ng, P. K. (2016). An Empirical Study on E-Learning versus Traditional Learning among Electronics Engineering Students. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(6), 836-844.

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  • E-Learning
  • Lecturing
  • Fundamentals of Operational Amplifier
  • Traditional Learning
  • Electronics Engineering