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Wastewater Treatment Plant Performance Inside Multi-Soil-Layering System

Lamzouri Khaoula1, Mahi Mustapha2, Masunaga Tsugiyuki3, Ouattar Said4, Bartali El Houssine1 and Mandi Laila5
  • 1 Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco
  • 2 Institut International de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement (IEA) de l’ONEE, Rabat, Morocco
  • 3 Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Shimane University, Matsue 690-8504, Japan
  • 4 Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan IIInstitut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco
  • 5 Centre National D'études et de Recherches sur L'eau et L'énergie (CNEREE), Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco


Wastewater effluent disposal is a challenge in Moroccan rural area. Wastewater treatment is the only suitable solution to overcome these environmental constraints. Technology such as Multi-Soil-Layering (MSL) system is one of the most appropriate solution for the treatment of wastewater for small communities in rural areas. The MSL system overcomes many of the deficiencies of conventional soil treatment systems such as large land requirement clogging and low Hydraulic Loading Rate (HLR). The MSL systems are composed of Soil Mixture Blocks (SMB) arranged in a brick-like pattern and surrounded by Permeable Layers (PL). To investigate the efficiency of MSL systems in relation to HLR differences and the fluctuations in the wastewater contamination levels, three MSL pilot plants were alimented continuously by domestic wastewater, were constructed in three 36×30×65 cm plastic boxes, with different HLR of 250, 500 and 1000 l/m2/day. The main removal rates of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) were higher at higher HLR. However, the kinetic rate constant of the MSL process implemented under Moroccan conditions is 130 d-1 at 25°C.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 14 No. 1, 2017, 53-59


Submitted On: 4 August 2016 Published On: 1 January 2017

How to Cite: Khaoula, L., Mustapha, M., Tsugiyuki, M., Said, O., Houssine, B. E. & Laila, M. (2017). Wastewater Treatment Plant Performance Inside Multi-Soil-Layering System. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 14(1), 53-59.

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