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Performance Evaluation of Blackhole Attack on AODV in VANET

Taha Saad1
  • 1 Computer Science and Information Technology, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


Black hole is one of the ongoing network threats that impact the physical components of Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) when more layers deal with routing mechanism of vehicular ad hoc network. An algorithm for Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol in VANET was developed in order to identify collaborative group of nodes that behave as black hole. The simulation was configured to perform three scenarios with number of nodes set to 10, 20 and 40 nodes respectively. The result showed that the proposed algorithm provides a better throughput performance, less end to end delay, high packet delivery ration, less packet drops and less time for processing the incoming and outgoing nodes. Future works may consider testing the proposed solution on other types of attacks such as Wormhole, Jellyfish and Sybil attacks.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 15 No. 2, 2018, 141-148


Submitted On: 12 February 2017 Published On: 6 November 2017

How to Cite: Saad, T. (2018). Performance Evaluation of Blackhole Attack on AODV in VANET. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 15(2), 141-148.

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  • VANETs
  • Balckhole Attack
  • AODV