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Investigation of Periodic Points in Algebraic Varieties

Ahmed M. Ibrahim1 and Elhadi E. E. Dalam1
  • 1 Department of Mathematics, College of Arts and Science, Al Baha University, Al Mandag, Saudi Arabia


The aims of this study, the researchers inspected that if X an algebraic variety over a field K and f is a f1+2ε(P) = P for other ε >- 1/2, then the aset of periods time is limited and the little one is 1+2ε. Also the researchers confirmed that if O be a separate estimate ring of characteristics zero with residue field k of characteristics (2+ ε) of integers in K and (A, m) be a local sub-O--algebra O (2+ε)(1+2ε)of rank (2 + ε)(1+2ε), then (1+2ε) = v2(2+ ε), "ε >0 ,where v2 is the normalized valuation on K.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 18 No. 1, 2021, 194-198


Submitted On: 2 November 2020 Published On: 4 October 2021

How to Cite: Ibrahim, A. M. & Dalam, E. E. E. (2021). Investigation of Periodic Points in Algebraic Varieties. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 18(1), 194-198.

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  • Algebraic Variety
  • Discrete Valuation Ring
  • Boundedness