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Effects of Indoor Air Pollution Among Women in Northeastern, Nigeria

Ngaram, Suleman Modu1 and Muhammad Sulyman2
  • 1 Department of Physics, Federal University Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria
  • 2 Department of Biological Science, Federal University Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria


This research investigated the effects of indoor air pollution among women, in Northeastern, Nigeria, indoor air pollution refers to the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air in the indoor environment, which include a home, building, an institution or commercial facility. Study was carried out in five wards: Benen Bayero, Karamar Tanda, Asibitin Agana, Goni Aji Street and Abdullahi Masaba Street. Questionnaires containing personal information, health status and household circumstances of respondents were distributed randomly (50 in each study area) for data collection. Kerosene is used in less than 5% of the households and charcoal was used in about a third of the household. Cooking outdoor is linked to coughing, burns, confusion, cataract, pneumonia and bronchitis among women, as well as several respiratory and eye related problems. Moreover, cataract and asthma were found to be more prevalent among women cooking indoors.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 18 No. 1, 2021, 92-95


Submitted On: 17 April 2020 Published On: 1 June 2021

How to Cite: Modu, N. S. & Sulyman, M. (2021). Effects of Indoor Air Pollution Among Women in Northeastern, Nigeria. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 18(1), 92-95.

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  • Indoor
  • Air Pollution
  • Women
  • Gashua
  • Northesten