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DFT Based Electrophilicity Index and QSAR study of Phenols as Anti Leukaemia Agent

Farhan A. Pasha1, Hemant K. Srivastava1, Yakoob Beg1 and Pashupati P. singh1
  • 1 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, India


Density Functional reactivity indices based QSAR study of 49 phenol derivatives is presented in this paper. Two different models to describe the anti leukaemia activity of phenols have been made. First QSAR model includes molecular properties like molecular weight (Mw), hardness (η), chemical potential (μ), total energy, and electrophilicity index (ω). Various regression models have been made and regression quality indicates that these descriptors provides valuable information and have significant role in assessment of activity of phenols. Klopman gave first quantum chemical treatment to describe the reactivity of a chemical system in terms of acidic softness En and basic softness Em at atomic level. In this paper we have derived the partial electrophilicity by the multiplication of global electrophilicity index (given by Parr etal) and the acidic softness En (given by Klopman). This total electrophilicity index has been used as descriptors along with the other atomic properties like highest negative charge (Qmin) etc in second QSAR model. This model also provides good results. The DFT calculations have been performed by using B88-PW91 GGA energy functional with the DZVP basis set on Cache pro software and the regression models have been made on project leader software associated with CAChe. These DFT models have high predictive power and have sufficient reliability to describe the Anti leukaemia activity of phenols which is clear from its correlation coefficient r2 and cross validation coefficient rcv2.

American Journal of Immunology
Volume 2 No. 1, 2006, 23-28


Submitted On: 22 March 2006 Published On: 31 March 2006

How to Cite: Pasha, F. A., Srivastava, H. K., Beg, Y. & singh, P. P. (2006). DFT Based Electrophilicity Index and QSAR study of Phenols as Anti Leukaemia Agent. American Journal of Immunology, 2(1), 23-28.

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  • DFT
  • Electrophilicity Index
  • QSAR
  • Phenol
  • Anti Leukaemia