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A Novel Video Surveillance System Based on Multimedia Messaging Service

S. Chandramathi, N. Chandra Sekhar and M. G. Adarsh


Today’s communication world ensures that anybody can communicate to anyone anywhere anytime across the globe. The new mobile communication systems include not only voice but also data and video messages. Natural way to communicate is to send and receive messages. Multimedia messaging are essential drivers for continuous growth in new services beyond voice. In this study, multimedia messaging services available in the video cell phones are used for constructing a prototype video surveillance system. In this study, such a system is desired to monitor an area continuously and to capture the hazardous momentary event and to send this video image to the user as an MMS or as an email immediately. Since the SMS can only give the message but not the image, MMS and email messaging systems are chosen in this work. Extensive simulation and experiments were carried out and it is found that MMS can be applied for video surveillance system.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 1 No. 2, 2005, 244-248


Submitted On: 16 August 2005 Published On: 30 June 2005

How to Cite: Chandramathi, S., Sekhar, N. C. & Adarsh, M. G. (2005). A Novel Video Surveillance System Based on Multimedia Messaging Service. Journal of Computer Science, 1(2), 244-248.

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  • Wireless Communication
  • Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • MMS
  • Email