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A Note towards Reshaping Java's Features

N. S. Kutti, Z. A. Al-Khanjari, H. A. Ramadhan and J. Fiaidhi


Programming Languages continually go through the refinement process due to several findings such as lack of robustness, lack of flexibility, lack of simplicity and lack of standard. This may require pruning undesirable features, sometimes softening of hard nature of some features and adding new features to improve the scope of the languages. Recently Java has emerged as a refined language in the line of C and C++ with the aim of providing simplicity and robustness[1]. Because of these features Java is getting more attention than its predecessors. The language is, however, overshadowed with some inconsistencies in the syntax and semantic aspects of data declarations. The study also identifies several other redundant features that could be safely removed from the language. The aim of this study is to underline these findings that make java programs somewhat obscured. The discussion carried in this study may be an useful hint for the Java reviewers as well as any new language developers in validating their specifications. Java has definitely a long future and its current review will extend its scope even to support hard real-time applications[2].

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 1 No. 4, 2005, 450-453


Submitted On: 3 May 2005 Published On: 30 December 2005

How to Cite: Kutti, N. S., Al-Khanjari, Z. A., Ramadhan, H. A. & Fiaidhi, J. (2005). A Note towards Reshaping Java's Features. Journal of Computer Science, 1(4), 450-453.

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  • variables
  • lvalue parameter
  • rvalue parameter
  • pointers
  • objects
  • data memory
  • heap storage