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Adaptive Fault Tolerant Routing Algorithm for Tree-Hypercube Multicomputer

Qatawneh Mohammad


A Connected tree-hypercube with faulty links and/or nodes is called injured tree-hypercube. To enable any non faulty node to communicate with any other non faulty node in an injured tree-hypercube, the information on component failures has to be made available to non faulty nodes to route message around the faulty components. We proposed an adaptive fault tolerant routing algorithm for an injured tree-hypercube in which requires each node to know only the condition of it’s own links. This routing algorithm is shown to be capable of routing messages successfully in an injured tree-hypercube as long as the number of faulty components links and/or nodes is equal d (depth).

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 2 No. 2, 2006, 124-126


Submitted On: 8 September 2005 Published On: 28 February 2006

How to Cite: Mohammad, Q. (2006). Adaptive Fault Tolerant Routing Algorithm for Tree-Hypercube Multicomputer. Journal of Computer Science, 2(2), 124-126.

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  • Fault-tolerant routing
  • Injured and regular tree-hypercube
  • hypercube