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Developing a Secure Web Service Architecture for SVG Image Delivery

Sabah Mohammed, Jinan Fiaidhi, Hamada Ghenniwa and Marshall Hahn


Web Services are substantially growing and become vital for businesses and organizations. A major concern, especially for mission-critical applications is Security. This study focuses on developing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as Web services. In particular, we develop a service-oriented architecture that securely manages SVG Web services using the intermediary design pattern. In the proposed architecture we introduced two kinds of specialized security intermediaries to enforce SVG signature/authentication and encryption/decryption. A prototype of the proposed architecture has been implemented based on Apache Axis.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 2 No. 2, 2006, 171-179


Submitted On: 26 September 2005 Published On: 28 February 2006

How to Cite: Mohammed, S., Fiaidhi, J., Ghenniwa, H. & Hahn, M. (2006). Developing a Secure Web Service Architecture for SVG Image Delivery. Journal of Computer Science, 2(2), 171-179.

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  • Web service security
  • SVG
  • apache axis
  • image security