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A Web-Based E-Learning System Using Semantic Web Framework

Fayed F.M. Ghaleb, Sameh S. Daoud, Ahmad M. Hasna, Jihad M. Jaam and Hosam F. El-Sofany


E-learning is being increasing viewed as an important activity in the field of distance and continuing education. Web-based courses offer obvious advantages for learners by making access to educational resource very fast, just-in-time and relevant, at any time or place. In this study, based on our previous work, we present a framework for our web-based e-learning system using the Semantic Web technology. In addition we present an approach for implementing a Semantic Web-based e-learning system, which focus on the RDF data model, OWL ontology language and RAP for parsing RDF documents. Also the use of RAP – a Semantic Web toolkit for developing our application is discussed in more details.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 2 No. 8, 2006, 619-626


Submitted On: 17 March 2006 Published On: 31 August 2006

How to Cite: Ghaleb, F. F., Daoud, S. S., Hasna, A. M., Jaam, J. M. & El-Sofany, H. F. (2006). A Web-Based E-Learning System Using Semantic Web Framework. Journal of Computer Science, 2(8), 619-626.

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  • RAP
  • RDF
  • e-learning
  • semantic web
  • ontology