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Gas Turbine Ontology for the Industrial Processes

F. Z. Laallam and M. Sellami


The activity of supervision and control of the industrial processes is a very complex spot and require a great experiment because of the dynamic characteristics of the process. This experiment was acquired with the passing of years. What makes departure of an expert in retirement a great loss of the know-how. The problem thus consists to capture this know-how and allows experiment to be cumulate with an aim of construction of an enterprise memory. We propose an approach based on ontology to capture this know-how. In the dynamic situations are distinguished three classes from situations: situations of normal walk, situations of degraded walk and situations of incidental walk. The work presented in this article, was developed in the division of production at SONATRACH. It relates to the supervision and the control of the industrial process of a compressor station witch constitutes a typical case of dynamic situation. Among the three classes of quoted dynamic situations, we concentrate on the situations of degraded walk. These situations of nature different compared to the usual situations from normal walk, subject the operator to a workload at the same time complex and stressing. The work presented in this article enters within the framework of a doctoral project whose the principal objective was the development of an intelligent system of expertise and of decision-making aid in the domain of the industrial maintenance for the compression stations. It relates to ontological engineering and more particularly the use of ontologies in the knowledge-based systems. We try in this work to build an ontology concerning the domain of the industrial maintenance. This ontology was not operational yet because it does not included mechanisms of reasoning. It was independent of any context of use.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 3 No. 2, 2007, 113-118


Submitted On: 4 August 2006 Published On: 28 February 2007

How to Cite: Laallam, F. Z. & Sellami, M. (2007). Gas Turbine Ontology for the Industrial Processes. Journal of Computer Science, 3(2), 113-118.

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  • Ontology
  • industrial maintenance
  • knowledge management
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