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Module Management Tool in Software Development Organizations

Ahmad A. Al-Rababah and Mohammad A. Al-Rababah


Module management is an important task at developers’ level in software development organizations. So we consider in this paper software as collection of several modules. Also we study a method of clustering of modules of a large software system. The need of doing such clustering is justified to be an important part of software management in the software development organizations. An algorithm of maintenance and modifications is presented for doing the clustering by the developers in the respective development organizations, whose complexity is calculated. The method will be very much helpful, as an essential tool, at the developer level in software development organizations for module management.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 3 No. 5, 2007, 318-322


Submitted On: 18 February 2007 Published On: 31 May 2007

How to Cite: Al-Rababah, A. A. & Al-Rababah, M. A. (2007). Module Management Tool in Software Development Organizations. Journal of Computer Science, 3(5), 318-322.

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