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An Improved TCP Connection Protocol over Wireless Mobile Networks with Mobile Nodes Handoff

Maen M. Al Assaf


Problem Statement: This study proposes a TCP layer protocol (Div-TCP) that aims to give a solution for communication over wireless mobile networks that have the occurrence of handoff at anytime. It describes a topology of wireless mobile network and the handoff process as an ordinary process in that type of networks which may cause segments losses. Approach: Wireless mobile networks have many weaknesses related to bit error, network congestion and weak signals that cause segments losses as well as handoff process. For this reason, wireless mobile network TCP cannot distinguish between losses caused by these weaknesses or by the handoff process. So in handoff case, segments losses will trigger congestion control algorithms that reduce the TCP connection's throughput performance. Results: However, in addition to the previous efforts that provide different algorithms and protocols which aim to come up with different solutions and enhancements for the TCP connection in wireless mobile networks when handoff occurs, I am providing in this study Div-TCP protocol that runs the ordinary TCP algorithms with adding more operations that are concerned to handoff. These operations aim to maintain a suitable RTO at each sender to avoid triggering congestions algorithms and also to maintain the sender's throughput by establishing a TCP connection prior to the handoff occurrence. Conclusions/Recommendations: The protocol's discussion shows how end-to-end TCP connection became more efficient since the new Div-TCP connection after handoff will have good and already built TCP connection and the RTO is too much high at all nodes so there is no fear of a that TCP considers congestion.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 4 No. 8, 2008, 680-692


Submitted On: 30 September 2008 Published On: 31 August 2008

How to Cite: Al Assaf, M. M. (2008). An Improved TCP Connection Protocol over Wireless Mobile Networks with Mobile Nodes Handoff . Journal of Computer Science, 4(8), 680-692.

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  • TCP connection
  • mobile node
  • home agent
  • foreign agent
  • correspondent host
  • mobile IP
  • handoff
  • round trip time
  • retransmission time out
  • congestion control
  • exponential back off