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DoIP Interfacer System: A Low-Cost Alternative to Computer for Basic Network Communication in LAN Environment

Emmanuel Jo-el Tay, Choong Fook Lim and Hemalatha


Problem statement: Computer, very important to human society because of its capability in performing complex task. Questions were raised on the practicality of using computer for basic network communication where cost, portability and flexibility are major concerns. Explore a low-cost alternative to computer for basic network communication in LAN environment which consumes less power and portable as well as to develop a system, namely DoIP Interfacer System (DIS) to perform basic tasks of remote controlling, serial port interfacing, message (text) communication and voice communication. The device will be able to communicate to other similar devices as well as computers within the network. Approach: A modular, pick ‘n’ mix approach of developing a system consisting of function specific boards/modules was undertaken. In total, 2 modules were created which are DoIP Interfacer-Digital (DID) to perform digital tasks such as network communication and remote control; DoIP Interfacer-Analog (DIA) to perform analog tasks such as capturing and playing out of voice signals (for voice communication). To demonstrate serial port interfacing, UART Demonstration Board (UDB) was also created to display messages received by DID. A graphical user interface (GUI) known as DoIP Interfacer GUI (DIG) was also created in C# as part of the system to enable communication between DID and computer. Results: DIS was able to perform three of the four tasks which were remote controlling, serial port interfacing and message communication. However, it was not able to perform voice communication successfully. More research, experiment and testing will need to be carried on find the solution for this problem. Conclusion: These results showed that DoIP Interfacer System (DIS) had the potential to replace computer for basic network communication. With more research, experiment and testing, the function of DIS can be increased module by module.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 5 No. 7, 2009, 471-475


Submitted On: 5 November 2008 Published On: 31 July 2009

How to Cite: Tay, E. J., Lim, C. F. & Hemalatha, (2009). DoIP Interfacer System: A Low-Cost Alternative to Computer for Basic Network Communication in LAN Environment . Journal of Computer Science, 5(7), 471-475.

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  • Network communication
  • Remote control
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