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A Context-Aware Mobile Organizer for University Students

Seyed Hadi Mirisaee and Abdullah Mohd Zin


Problem statement: With the expansion of mobile devices, the usage of context-aware mobile applications is becoming very popular. Approach: One of mobile applications that are useful for university students is the university mobile organizer. University Mobile Organizer is a software that acts like an assistant for students in their universities' activities. Results: However, this application was not used widely by the students. In this research, we explored students' problems and requirements in their university activities and then proposed a context-aware university mobile organizer that will be useful for them. Conclusion/Recommendations: Based on these requirements, a proper framework for implementing a university mobile organizer is developed. Lastly, the software is implemented based on the framework that has been developed.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 5 No. 12, 2009, 898-904


Submitted On: 12 October 2009 Published On: 31 December 2009

How to Cite: Mirisaee, S. H. & Zin, A. M. (2009). A Context-Aware Mobile Organizer for University Students. Journal of Computer Science, 5(12), 898-904.

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