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Web-based "Questions-Bank" System to Improve E-Learning Education in Qatari School

Hosam F. El-Sofany, Noor Al-Jaidah, Shaima Ibrahim and Salha Al-kubaisi


Problem statement: This study described the analysis, design and implementation of the Questions-Bank system that allows the students of primary, preparatory and secondary schools to take web-based quizzes and exams, to download course reviews and previous exams. "Questions-Bank", means that each question has a weight and area of knowledge deals with it. The system facilitated generation of automatic, balanced and different exam sheets, that containing different types of questions, covering the entire curriculum and displaying gradually from easiness to difficulty. The exam sheet produced by the system, takes into account the different levels of the students from excellent, good, to fair and avoids any mistakes of language and non-clear terminologies. Approach: We had used the V-model to develop the system, this model started by specifying the system requirements, analyzed and classified the requirements into functional and nonfunctional requirements, constructed the use cases and domain model, the system design was started by determining the database tables and appropriate interfaces and finally, the implementation phase was launched by implementing the functionalities of the system. Results: Our system was used successfully in distance learning as well as in self-training. We have tested the system with different type of courses taught in the schools, ranged from primary to secondary levels. The feedbacks of both teachers and students were highly promising. Conclusion: Implementing this system will allow the schools to create a Questions-Bank database. The system allowed the school 'students to take quizzes, free exercises and exams, to download course reviews and previous exams.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 5 No. 2, 2009, 97-108


Submitted On: 4 March 2009 Published On: 28 February 2009

How to Cite: El-Sofany, H. F., Al-Jaidah, N., Ibrahim, S. & Al-kubaisi, S. (2009). Web-based "Questions-Bank" System to Improve E-Learning Education in Qatari School. Journal of Computer Science, 5(2), 97-108.

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  • E-learning
  • educational systems
  • web-based evaluation systems
  • interactive applications