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English to Arabic Machine Translation Based on Reordring Algorithm

Ehsan Abdulraheem Mohammed and Mohd. Juzaiddin Ab Aziz


Problem Statement: The purpose of Machine Translation (MT) is set accurate translation by implement a system to achieve similar result with human translates as in case the translating English to Arabic. The translation is a creative process which involves interpretation of the text that given by the translator. In addition, the translation depends on the purpose for which it meant according to context, as well as the text context includes different size and types of sentences. In addition, English words order in target language is not the same order as the Arabic source language, so the translation from English to Arabic definitely needs effort to synchronize words between English and Arabic that based on matching rules grammar between both languages. Approach: This study focuses on the existing Context Free Grammar (CFG) format as well as identifying the Part Of Speech (POS) for single words and reordering the CFG for reorder purpose of English structure to Arabic structure and validate the reorder CFG constructed by the algorithm. Reordering algorithm is a system for translating structured English sentence in text to structure Arabic sentence in text that runs compatibly with English/Arabic interface. English dictionary is used to translate single word consist of only word categories (POS) and Bi-lingual dictionary is used to translate single word consist of only word meaning relative to categories in approach format. Results: The domain area include twenty (20) abstracts containing ninety five (95) sentences have been tested in order to verify the authenticity of computer translation algorithm and the result were compared with human translation. The results obtain shows that the reordering rules is 81.855% accuracy on a translation from English Language to Arabic using an abstract from the European Psychiatry Journal. Conclusion: Based on the achieved results, we have managed to perform the syntactic reordering within an English sentence in text (abstract) to Arabic translation task by using Reordering Algorithm.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 7 No. 1, 2011, 120-128


Submitted On: 5 October 2010 Published On: 12 January 2011

How to Cite: Mohammed, E. A. & Ab Aziz, M. J. (2011). English to Arabic Machine Translation Based on Reordring Algorithm. Journal of Computer Science, 7(1), 120-128.

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  • Machine translation
  • reordering
  • natural language processing
  • context free grammar
  • part of speech