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An Automatic Topic Identification Algorithm

Hossein Shahsavand Baghdadi and Bali Ranaivo-Malançon


Problem statement: Topic is a stream of words which stands for the content of a text. Knowing the topic of a document can help people to be aware from its content and facilitate their searching process. Approach: This paper proposes an automatic algorithm to identify the topic for a textual document based on the chunks corresponding to each sentences in the document. Results and conclusion: We achieved 86% matching for both total and partial matching in our experimental data sample.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 7 No. 9, 2011, 1363-1367


Submitted On: 2 February 2011 Published On: 23 July 2011

How to Cite: Baghdadi, H. S. & Ranaivo-Malançon, B. (2011). An Automatic Topic Identification Algorithm. Journal of Computer Science, 7(9), 1363-1367.

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  • Web document
  • text-document topic
  • partial matching
  • experimental data
  • Identification algorithm
  • chen’s algorithm
  • syntactic parser
  • Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART)
  • Maximum Ratio Balance (MRB)