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Genetic Algorithm Based Proportional Integral Controller Design for Induction Motor

Mohanasundaram Kuppusamy and Rajasekar Natarajan


Problem statement: This study has expounded the application of evolutionary computation method namely Genetic Algorithm (GA) for estimation of feedback controller parameters for induction motor. GA offers certain advantages such as simple computational steps, derivative free optimization, reduced number of iterations and assured near global optima. The development of the method is well documented and computed and measured results are presented. Approach: The design of PI controller parameter for three phase induction motor drives was done using Genetic Algorithm. The objective function of motor current reduction, using PI controller, at starting is formulated as an optimization problem and solved with Genetic Algorithm. Results: The results showed the selected values of PI controller parameter using genetic algorithm approach, with objective of induction motor starting current reduction. Conclusions/Recommendation: The results proved the robustness and easy implementation of genetic algorithm selection of PI parameters for induction motor starting.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 7 No. 3, 2011, 416-420


Submitted On: 24 November 2010 Published On: 9 March 2011

How to Cite: Kuppusamy, M. & Natarajan, R. (2011). Genetic Algorithm Based Proportional Integral Controller Design for Induction Motor. Journal of Computer Science, 7(3), 416-420.

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  • Genetic algorithm
  • induction motor
  • evolutionary computation
  • controller parameters