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Multilevel Classifier in Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Characters

Rawan Ismail Zaghloul, Enas Faisal AlRawashdeh and Dojanah Mohammad Kadri Bader


Problem statement: Arabic offline handwriting recognition is considered one of the most challenging topics. This is probably caused by the fact that Arabic recognition system faced many problems during the development stage. It faces the usual problems of character recognition in general, in addition to the problems that are specific to Arabic language only. The aim of this study was to build a classifier to solve Arabic text ambiguity; to be used in text recognition applications. Approach: A multilevel classifier based on pattern recognition techniques, is proposed. The proposed classifier was implemented using MATLAB and also tested with a large sample of handwritten datasets. Results: Pattern recognition techniques are used to identify Arabic handwritten text. After testing, the recognition rates reached {93, 84, 89 and 85%} for the isolated letters, letters at the beginning, at the middle and at the end of the word respectively. Conclusion: Even that the Arabic letters change their shape depending on their position in a word, the proposed classifier, using the powerful set of features, is proved to be effective in the recognition of Arabic letters.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 7 No. 4, 2011, 512-518


Submitted On: 22 January 2011 Published On: 4 April 2011

How to Cite: Zaghloul, R. I., AlRawashdeh, E. F. & Bader, D. M. K. (2011). Multilevel Classifier in Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Characters. Journal of Computer Science, 7(4), 512-518.

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  • Pattern recognition
  • binary image
  • Arabic alphabet
  • Arabic language
  • isolated letters
  • Arabic script
  • OCR system
  • radon transform
  • Optical Recognition System (OCR)