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Application of Near Field Communication Technology for Mobile Airline Ticketing

Wayan Suparta1
  • 1 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia


Problem statement: Near Field Communication (NFC) technology opens up exciting new usage scenarios for mobile devices based platform. Users of NFC-enabled devices can simply point or touch their devices to other NFC-enabled elements in the environment to communicate with them (‘contactless’), making application and data usage easy and convenient. Approach: The study describes the characteristics and advantages of NFC technology offers for the development of mobile airline ticketing. This scenario describes the potential to overcome the conventional systems that are not gated and use study tickets. In such a system, today a transport application can be loaded on a NFC-enabled phone. To study such a case, Yogyakarta International Airport was taken as an example for a discussion. Results: NFC technology which consisting of three modes of operation and with international standardization can be applied as contactless to simplicity transactions, content delivery and information sharing on a mobile based platform. Conclusion: The idea of NFC application for mobile airline ticketing has been discussed for Yogyakarta International Airport.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 8 No. 8, 2012, 1235-1243


Submitted On: 26 January 2012 Published On: 12 July 2012

How to Cite: Suparta, W. (2012). Application of Near Field Communication Technology for Mobile Airline Ticketing. Journal of Computer Science, 8(8), 1235-1243.

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  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • contactless
  • e-ticket
  • airline system
  • Yogyakarta International Airport
  • NFC application
  • content delivery and information