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An Fuzzy Neural Approach for Medical Image Retrieval

C. Sriramakrishnan1 and A. Shanmugam2
  • 1 Adhiyamaan College of Enginering, India
  • 2 , India


Image retrieval based on a query image is necessary for effective and efficient use the information that is stored in medical image databases. Medical Image Retrieval is difficult as not only the localization and directionality of human visual system is to be considered but also the pathological condition. Image identification and segmentation for feature extraction pose a challenge to image retrieval process. Challenges posed include large number of images to be processed for the image retrieval and identifying the region of interest automatically to optimize the search. In this study, we propose a novel image segmentation algorithm Fuzzy Edge Detection and Segmentation (FEDS). The proposed FEDS algorithm is tested on medical images and for classification of images, a bell fuzzy multilayer perceptron is proposed. The proposed neural network Bell Fuzzy Multi Layer Perceptron (BF-MLP) Neural network is constructed by introducing a fuzzy logic in hidden layer with the sugeno model and bell function. The proposed neural network consists of two layers with the first layer being a tanh activation function and the second layer containing the bell fuzzy activation function. The proposed FEDS method was implemented using Matlab and Modelsim. A total of 44 images were considered with three class labels. The edge obtained for which segmentation is done using the proposed segmentation algorithm. The proposed BF-MLP neural network algorithm was implemented using Visual Studio and the classification accuracy compared with MLP Neural Network with sigmoid activation function. In this study, a fuzzy segmentation algorithm and a fuzzy classification algorithm is proposed to improve the medical image retrieval accuracy. The proposed segmentation algorithm, Fuzzy Edge Detection and Segmentation (FEDS), was implemented using Matlab and features were extracted using Fast Hartley Transform (FHT). The extracted features were used to train the proposed neural network, Bell Fuzzy Multi Layer Perceptron Neural Network (BF-MLP). 44 images with 3 class labels were used to test the algorithm and classification accuracy of 93.2% was obtained.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 8 No. 11, 2012, 1809-1813


Submitted On: 30 July 2012 Published On: 8 September 2012

How to Cite: Sriramakrishnan, C. & Shanmugam, A. (2012). An Fuzzy Neural Approach for Medical Image Retrieval. Journal of Computer Science, 8(11), 1809-1813.

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  • Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR)
  • Medical Image
  • Fuzzy Edge Detection and Segmentation (FEDS)
  • Bell Fuzzy Multilayer Perceptron