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A Novel Multidictionary Based Text Compression

M. Baritha Begum1 and Y. Venkataramani1
  • 1 Saranathan College of Engineering, India


The amount of digital contents grows at a faster speed as a result does the demand for communicate them. On the other hand, the amount of storage and bandwidth increases at a slower rate. Thus powerful and efficient compression methods are required. The repetition of words and phrases cause the reordered text much more compressible than the original text. On the whole system is fast and achieves close to the best result on the test files. In this study a novel fast dictionary based text compression technique MBRH (Multidictionary with burrows wheeler transforms, Run length coding and Huffman coding) is proposed for the purpose of obtaining improved performance on various document sizes. MBRH algorithm comprises of two stages, the first stage is concerned with the conversion of input text into dictionary based compression .The second stage deals mainly with reduction of the redundancy in multidictionary based compression by using BWT, RLE and Huffman coding. Bib test files of input size of 111, 261 bytes achieves compression ratio of 0.192, bit rate of 1.538 and high speed using MBRH algorithm. The algorithm has attained a good compression ratio, reduction of bit rate and the increase in execution speed.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 8 No. 12, 2012, 1940-1945


Submitted On: 24 February 2012 Published On: 8 November 2012

How to Cite: Begum, M. B. & Venkataramani, Y. (2012). A Novel Multidictionary Based Text Compression. Journal of Computer Science, 8(12), 1940-1945.

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  • Dictionary Based Encoding (DBE)
  • Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT)
  • Run Length Encoding (RLE)