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The Framework of Intelligent Telepresence Robot Based on Stereo Vision

Widodo Budiharto1, Muchsin Shodiq1, Bayu Kanigoro1 and Hutomo1
  • 1 Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia


This research reports and presents a BeeBot, BINUS multi-client intelligent telepresence robot, a custom-build robot system specifically designed for teleconference with multiple people. The robot is controlled using computer networks, so the manager/supervisor can direct the robot to the intended person to start a discussion/inspection. People tracking and autonomous navigation are intelligent features of this robot using stereo vision. We build a web application for controlling the multi-client telepresence robot and open-source teleconference system used. Experimental result presented and we evaluated its performance.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 8 No. 12, 2012, 2062-2067


Submitted On: 18 October 2012 Published On: 1 January 2013

How to Cite: Budiharto, W., Shodiq, M., Kanigoro, B. & Hutomo, (2012). The Framework of Intelligent Telepresence Robot Based on Stereo Vision. Journal of Computer Science, 8(12), 2062-2067.

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  • Telepresence Robot
  • Robot Vision
  • Stereo Vision
  • Intelligent Robot