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Lessons Learned in Transforming from Traditional to Agile Development

N. Ganesh and S. Thangasamy


Problem statement: This article presents the biggest challenge that the organization faces in transitioning the mindset of the team from that of a waterfall model to an agile thought pattern. Approach: The study is conducted from a real time live project, carried out in a software organization. Results: The software team found a major difference in their work culture resulting in collective ownership, forming a balanced self organized team, getting frequent feedback from the customer and making continuous deliverables. Conclusion: The main finding when implementing an agile software development is to respond to the changing needs or requirements, thereby satisfying the customer needs rather than following a specific set of practice. 

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 8 No. 3, 2012, 389-392


Submitted On: 16 December 2011 Published On: 17 January 2012

How to Cite: Ganesh, N. & Thangasamy, S. (2012). Lessons Learned in Transforming from Traditional to Agile Development. Journal of Computer Science, 8(3), 389-392.

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  • Agile adoption
  • waterfall model
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