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A High Secure and Robust Image Steganography Using Dual Wavelet and Blending Model

Prabakaran Ganesan1 and R. Bhavani1
  • 1 Annamalai University, India


Steganography is an ability of concealing information inside the cover in such a way it looks like simple cover though it has concealed information. There are many techniques to carry out steganography on electronic media, most especially audio and image files. In this method, we proposed a high secure steganography scheme hiding a 256×256 size gray secret image into a 512×512 size gray cover image with different combination of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Integer Wavelet Transform (IWT). Pixel Value Adjustment (PVA) is first performed on cover image. The secret image values are scrambled by using Arnold transform. The DWT /IWT is applied on both cover and scrambled secret image. Blending process is applied to both images and compute Inverse DWT/IWT on the same to get the stego image. The extraction model is actually the reverse process of the embedding model. Different combination of DWT/IWT transform is performed on the scrambled secret image and cover image to achieved high security and robustness. Hybrid transform combination approach and case analysis provided the various hiding environment. Experimental results and case study provided the stego-image with perceptual invisibility, high security and certain robustness.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 9 No. 3, 2013, 277-284


Submitted On: 1 March 2013 Published On: 12 April 2013

How to Cite: Ganesan, P. & Bhavani, R. (2013). A High Secure and Robust Image Steganography Using Dual Wavelet and Blending Model. Journal of Computer Science, 9(3), 277-284.

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  • Image Quality Metrics
  • Blending Process
  • Wavelet Transform
  • Arnold Transform
  • Steganography