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Low Power Analog Multiplier Using Mifgmos

K. Duraisamy1 and U. Ragavendran1
  • 1 , India


A novel 4-quadrant analog multiplier using Floating Gate MOS (FGMOS) transistors operating in saturation region are implemented. Floating gate MOSFETs are being utilized in a number of new and existing analog applications. These devices are not only useful for designing memory elements but also we can implement circuit elements. The main advantage in FGMOS is that the drain current is proportional to square of the weighted sum of input signals. By using conventional transistors we obtain only few hundred mill volts range of the supply voltage and when we go for square law devices we obtain up to 50%. So in order to get 100% range of the supply voltage we go for FGMOS. This can be obtained by the control voltage applied at the gate of the FGMOS. This simulation is done with the SPICE tools.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 9 No. 4, 2013, 514-520


Submitted On: 7 July 2012 Published On: 14 May 2013

How to Cite: Duraisamy, K. & Ragavendran, U. (2013). Low Power Analog Multiplier Using Mifgmos. Journal of Computer Science, 9(4), 514-520.

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  • VLSI
  • MOSFET Circuits
  • MOS Logic Circuits
  • MOS Integrated Circuits
  • Transistors Operating
  • Quadrant Analog
  • Drain Current
  • Supply Voltage
  • Saturation Region
  • Voltage Applied