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Collecting Data from Running Systems

Jess Nielsen1 and Sufyan Almajali2
  • 1 , Denmark
  • 2 Princess Sumaya University, Jordan


This article describes a way to build a consolidated log that can be used to facilitate the state of Windows services at runtime. It makes a side by side introduction of code instrumentation techniques and autonomic techniques that can be used to collected data from running systems in order to construct a consolidated log. The techniques try to deal with the non-standardized syntaxes and contents that come with heterogeneous logs. The collected data might be a foundation for a replacement to such logs hence the behavior can be determined by such collected data. These behaviors can be mapped to common, standardized and easy-understandable high level events that can be used as a log themselves.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 9 No. 1, 2013, 74-82


Submitted On: 12 November 2012 Published On: 12 February 2013

How to Cite: Nielsen, J. & Almajali, S. (2013). Collecting Data from Running Systems. Journal of Computer Science, 9(1), 74-82.

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