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Straight Line Routing on Next Hop Graph in Wireless Sensor Networks

P. Kavitha Rani1 and E. Kannan1
  • 1 Vel Tech University, India


Information processing and information routing in wireless sensor network is one of the most important key area of recent research. Building an optimal routing protocol for information routing is a tough task in dealing with the sensor nodes. Information exchange can be done with the major possible way in order to provide a secure communication and reliable data delivery, here in this study we focus on routing protocol with reliable delivery. Hence we proposed a new algorithm/protocol which optimally routes the data packets from source to destination with efficient utilization of energy resources. The proposed protocol is based on next hop graph node in terms of reliable data packet routing by framing the route in the form of graphs. The simulation results showed in the performance analysis phase denotes the proposed method outperforms the existing routing protocol in terms of reliability and robustness in efficient routing. The proposed methodology achieves the connectivity and connectivity path in WSN which is critical in WSN.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 11 No. 1, 2015, 218-223


Submitted On: 15 June 2014 Published On: 22 September 2014

How to Cite: Rani, P. K. & Kannan, E. (2015). Straight Line Routing on Next Hop Graph in Wireless Sensor Networks. Journal of Computer Science, 11(1), 218-223.

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  • WSN
  • Straight Line Routing
  • Next Hop Graph
  • Routing