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Performance Analysis of Classification Algorithms on Medical Diagnoses-a Survey

S. Vanaja1 and K. Rameshkumar1
  • 1 Research Scholar and Research guide Bharathiar University, India


The aim of this research paper is to study and discuss the various classification algorithms applied on different kinds of medical datasets and compares its performance. The classification algorithms with maximum accuracies on various kinds of medical datasets are taken for performance analysis. The result of the performance analysis shows the most frequently used algorithms on particular medical dataset and best classification algorithm to analyse the specific disease. This study gives the details of different classification algorithms and feature selection methodologies. The study also discusses about the data constraints such as volume and dimensionality problems. This research paper also discusses the new features of C5.0 classification algorithm over C4.5 and performance of classification algorithm on high dimensional datasets. This research paper summarizes various reviews and technical articles which focus on the current research on Medical diagnosis.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 11 No. 1, 2015, 30-52


Submitted On: 2 December 2013 Published On: 22 September 2014

How to Cite: Vanaja, S. & Rameshkumar, K. (2015). Performance Analysis of Classification Algorithms on Medical Diagnoses-a Survey. Journal of Computer Science, 11(1), 30-52.

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  • Classification
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • C5.0
  • High Dimensional Dataset